Risk Analysis and Success Plan

Staffing/ Recruitment: The project has now employed two researchers, each on 0.5 time (Android developer – George Sin; Educational researcher – Will Farr). Due to time required for the advertising process, both researchers will start on 1st March for 8 months (one month later than anticipated in the original project proposal). The London Knowledge Lab (LKL) has a pool of appropriately qualified personnel, who can be recruited or deployed on this project in case of resignation or incapacity of any team member.

End user recruitment: The project has access to a large cohort of science teacher trainees, from which only a small number (5-8) will be required to take part in the project. Paul Davies, being a science PGCE tutor has direct contact with the trainee teachers, and details of their course timetable and school placements. We have now recruited 9 trainee teachers to participate in the project.

Organisational: IoE and Birkbeck are Colleges of the University of London, and are well acquainted with undertaking funded research. The LKL is a London University designated collaborative research lab, designed to support interdisciplinary research.

Technical: In case services or features on current software do not fulfil requirements for this project, services such as GoogleGIS could be employed. Equipment requested for use on the project is readily available on the open market. We already have access to 6 google android smartphones and have ordered 3 other android smartphones.

Legal: We will use and produce open-source software; comply with data protection and IPR regulations; and obtain end-user agreement for any use, publication, or dissemination of personal data or learning resources. Institution Contracts Offices give legal advice on externally funded projects.

Should the outputs of the project be popular, we will work with our business development unit to develop a strategy for managing successful outputs.

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