Question to participants.

What information would you need to answer the following – “How do plants maximise photosynthesis?”. Feel free to comment about this.

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1 Response to Question to participants.

  1. willfarr says:

    Plants need three factors in place to drive photosynthesis on: Carbon dioxide, Water and light energy. Mainly depending on their habitat, plants have evolved a variety of strategies to manage the intake and maximise the retention of each of these factors without compromising the others. A simple example is the intake of co2 gas. Fully open stomata can maximise the intake of CO2 but also maximise the loss of H2O through evaporation, which is greatest during the day. One strategy some plants have evolved is to shift the opening of stomata to night time only and store CO2 chemically until the following day, when light energy can drive the photosynthesis of glucose
    forward. (I am not sure about examples for this, cacti?, Some grasses?).

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