Participant ideas for GeoSciTeach

Uppermost in participants minds was the issue of protection, and the control of what students would be able to access. This is partly in an effort to stop children accessing the wrong information and also make sure that children stay on task. A summary of their main contributions is included below which will now go forward into the development of the next iteration of the application.

  1. The application should enable teachers to be in control of what children can access – so as to limit access to non-educational applications/web
  2. Phones will need to be tagged so that Teachers know who has which phone. This could also enable differentiated questions to be pinged at certain students
  3. Uploading of images is authorised by the teacher
  4. Messaging to be enabled between teacher and student, but not student to student
  5. A video option present
  6. Camera should be able to zoom
  7. Photos can be linked to notes
  8. Students can submit their own questions about the question to experts on twitter or to teachers
  9. Use of QR codes to get ambient data about particular plants/locations
  10. Backing up/sharing data so that none is lost
  11. Possible 3-D augmentation of information
  12. Electronic voting integrated into the application to enable mass answering of questions
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