Using GeoSciTeach with teachers in schools

I had a meeting this morning with a teacher from a school in London that was involved in the Kew trip. She said that the year 9’s at the school would be good to use with the phone application in the autumn term as they have piloted the use of an extended key stage 4. What this means is that there is some flexibility in year 9 as a lot of the curriculum in that year is project based so that GeoSciTeach seems to fit quite snuggly into that as it would a) have little untoward impact on the curriculum and b) presents us with a real opportunity to embed GeoSciTeach use in a school. There are in total 17 teachers in the science department at the school, and the head of department is already on board. So we have a choice of either 17 teachers to try out the customisable app for teachers, or if we want to be more focused we can use the 6 teachers that deal with year 9, and teach a total of 250 children. Either way we need to decide what we would like the teachers to do with the teacher app ‘GeoSciTeacher’ for want of an alternative at the moment, and ‘GeoSciTeach’. We discussed the possibility of either giving the teachers free-reign to develop an activity based either in school, or as part of a fieldtrip in the autumn term. We discussed alternatives to the Kew exemplar, and I discussed my early attempt at using the app to answer a physics question on proving the curvature of the earth. She thought this sounded really exciting, we both had trouble thinking of how a chemistry application would look. I think the school would prefer if we an idea of what we wanted the teachers to do with the app as she said that teachers have even less available than teacher trainees so that the app would need to grab them and prove its worth early. The teacher also liked the idea of GeoSciTeacher being the program that would then direct GeoSciTeach how to look.

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One Response to Using GeoSciTeach with teachers in schools

  1. Gregory Marler says:

    It seems classes can be really interested in trying new things and using devices to engage students. On the geography side, but have you seen this? There was an ipod (with plenty of apps) available for each student in the class.

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