GeoSciTeach app: Easy to use

During their experience at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, both students and teachers talked about how easy the app was to use, and to navigate around.

From the students perspective:

Interviewer: Good. I’m glad. And how long do you think it kind of took you before you knew your way around..

Student: Not long..about five minutes..

Interviewer: So quite quick learning time?

Student: I got it in five minutes.

Interviewer: And would you use it again?

Student: Yeah I would use it again.

Interviewer: You would? And how would you kind of like use it if you were on your own..

Student: I would like you know..

Interviewer: Or with Mum and Dad or something..

Student: Yeah I would use the map to help me know where the countries are.

And from the teacher’s perspective:

Interviewer: That’s ok it was a really broad one. How long do you think it would take the kids to learn it?

Teacher: Five minutes

Interviewer: Five minutes. That’s really interesting because everyone has said five.

Teacher: How long did I take? I think I took fifteen, which means the children will take five.

(Teacher & Interviewer laugh)

Interviewer: A third as long. Alright thanks.

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