Using the video and YouTube features

A student talks to the researcher about how they used video and YouTube features on the GeoSciTeach app during their experience at the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew.

Interviewer: So were there any other bits on the app that you tried out.

Student: I tried out. I tried the descriptions thing, describing the plants, you know the area the atmosphere, the place.

Interviewer: Now would you have thought about that if you hadn’t had the app

Student: Um no (laughs)

Interviewer: What about the video. Did the video help you at all?

Student: Yeah the video helped me too.

Interviewer: So what did you do with the video?

Student: I like…you know the big stuff the big plants I took a video of them, because I couldn’t fit the picture in to the you know camera.

Interviewer: Right.

Student: So I used the video to video the whole thing.

Interviewer: Ok. So we had a bit of trouble with one of the youtube videos.

Student: Yeah it wasn’t loading. I think it was the network.

Interviewer: But did you watch it? Was that helpful?

[link to video:]

Student: Yeah it was because when the flower eats the insect…it’s like really weird.

Interviewer: Yeah yeah yeah right.

Student: And a flower was like really slippery. One of the plants was really slippery.

Interviewer: Would you have got from being in the room just on your own? Unless you had the video with you..

Student: I needed the video. It was really helpful..

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