Why we are doing this

Geographical information systems (GIS) are a set of technology-centred methods used to collect organize, analyse and present spatial data. The development and application of geo-spatial systems and resources is increasing, as their value beyond geographical disciplines has emerged. However, the integration and use of GIS technologies in education is not being realized, particularly, its potential beyond geography learning. This project will focus on supporting  science trainee teachers, and educators to engage with geospatial systems in their teaching activities, and improve their geo-spatial skills. Building on recent geo-spatial systems the project will develop a sensing application (GeoSciTeach) and related visualisation tools using Web 2.0 technologies.

The project builds on earlier work, such as Ambient Wood; Environmental Detectives; and SNOUT to further the potential for geo-spatial location-based services to be used in science learning and teaching contexts; and to provide a technological and pedagogical response to the lack of teachers skills and teacher orientated software applications for creating their own learning activities using GIS tools.

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