GeoSciTeach app

GeoSciTeach is an application for android phones. It provides opportunities to make sense of scientific phenomena through the collection, manipulation and visualisation of data. Its strength lies in how it helps support student geospatial and spatial thinking, ideas that are central to science.

Developed for use in secondary school (ages 11-18 years) GeoSciTeach is designed for use by both teachers and students in science classes. It is straightforward to use, even for teachers with limited knowledge of digital technologies and, due to its intuitive nature, something, which students quickly adapt to using, both inside and outside of the classroom.

GeoSciTeach allows data to be collected and tagged to specific locations. This means that data may be automatically linked to places in both space and time. It can be used to engage with scientific ideas visually through maps, models and two and three-dimensional representations. The app is versatile and can be adapted to use in an array of scientific and wider educational contexts.

Being fully customisable, teachers are able to modify the app to meet the specific needs of their students and design activities that are tailored for their curriculum. This makes differentiation and personalised learning easy and allows students to take ownership of their work and meaning-making.

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