Project team

Sara Price (London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education). Sara is a RCUK Academic Fellow at the IoE. She holds a BA and DPhil in Psychology, with a particular interest in technology and education. Her experience encompasses the educational application of pervasive, mobile and tangible technologies; technology and science education; and the relationship between technology and educational practice.

George Roussos (Computer Science, Birkbeck College). George is Reader in Pervasive Computing with particular interests in the effects of social activity on system architecture, pervasive navigation and findability. Of particular relevance to this project is his work on the design and development of item-level RFID pervasive computing systems, in particular: (i) the design of novel software architectures addressing the unique requirements of open large-scale Networked RFID systems; and (ii) understanding consumer perceptions of Networked RFID systems through multi-disciplinary exploratory user studies.

Carey Jewitt (London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education). Carey is Professor of Technology and Education, and Deputy Director of the London Knowledge Lab, IoE. She has an MSc in social research methods, a PhD in Education and Technology. Carey is skilled in qualitative research methods with particular specialism in in-depth interviewing, classroom based observation, and case study analysis, and has written extensively on the use of visual and multimodal research methods.

Paul Davies (Geography, Enterprise, Maths and Science, Institute of Education). Paul is a Lecturer in Science Education at the IoE. He holds a BSc, MA in Science Education and PhD in Biology. He teaches on the PGCE Secondary Science course and the MA in Science Education, as well as supervising doctorial students. He is involved in a number of funded projects focused on the teaching and learning of biology in schools and is particularly interested in student teachers’ knowledge of ecology and evolutionary biology.

Will Farr (London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education). William trained as a Primary school teacher at the University at Sussex and worked in schools for twelve years. During that time he taught in Tottori Prefecture in Japan, and completed an MA in Education focusing on Autism and computing. After finishing the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) and working as a Deputy Headteacher, he was offered an EPSRC sponsored Dphil. He is interested in the use of multi-modal devices for hard to reach user groups.

George Sin (London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education) is an android developer. He holds an MSc in Advanced Information systems during which he designed and developed the iBats application for Android for the support of participatory data collection for the synonymous bat biodiversity project. George has several years experience as a commercial software developer of mobile applications especially with the Symbian system.

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